Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In the cold dreary days of Winter...

  I think the bears are correct, hibernate! Although they probably just get real fat and sleepy and waddle off to bed and birthing. I am reading more, and more, and more.... and not just on Facebook, which seldom has whole paragraphs of ponder. One of my friends has contemplated selling her current firearm of choice to buy another firearm of better choice -- I am old school, I just add one, won't sell but would give away what I no longer need and willing to share.  Which, under gun fool and gun goof guidelines makes me an outlaw... more or less.

  I have plans and intentions to be executed of taking an old fellow (ahead of me by a few years) to the range to shoot some pistols safely. He has memorized all the gun safety books I gave him to read and know weeks ago.  That will be one more fellow that understands more than he could with only the media and antigungoofs for references. Plus, I will get to shoot more and improve performance and take pictures.

  I have been shut off from the cable in this house. Seems I haven't provided enough systems to flood our minds, there are only two of us, and the lady of the house says I should have my own and not bother hers. So I have withdrawn from the regular television viewing room. And I don't turn it on, either. Just think of all the Presidential and wannabees that I will miss. Can you feel the grin on my face at that thought? The other thing I noticed is the lack of time and energy to get up and get something more to eat as I don't want to see the commercials.  Reading is great.

  Aside from the take a newbie to the range objectives, I had a call to convert the heathen and the lost of the World, but it is called the Gospel and I am figuring how to stay ahead of the children in Sunday School, watched them running around and playing in the snow in their playground on Sunday last. Don't know how badly the current governments are going to get the threat and protect the little ones, but I do know just watching my own life and journey - they are in for interesting times.

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