Sunday, November 8, 2015

Not doing it for the glory of God, nor in the name of the LORD...

  just means not very important, and probably sure to fail. But the challenges of the country are not found in the belief in God, they are found in the belief in other men and women, and the lack of faith.

   I was raised to believe that a promise was a promise, that a man's handshake was part of the bond between us and meant that we could work together for our good.  I was raised to think I should carry out my work, duty and service to the best of my ability.  And to know that sometimes it wouldn't work nor be enough and admit failure and get up and try again.  Conquer the problem by solving it for myself then others.

  I finally realized that no one in Washington, DC or in the banking systems around the world expects to have the debts paid off, they all expect to stay chained in partnership forever since both lender and borrower get their needs satisfied.  If you are a little borrower, the lender owns a piece of you, if you are a giant borrower then you control a piece of the lender. The governments are about power, which in the big picture isn't muscle and iron, it is what you control.

  Who controls you? Where is your contribution to the powerful? Why?


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