Monday, November 16, 2015

Nice weekend wasn't it?

Well I think so. 
    On Saturday I drove to Port Townsend for a wet Appleseed with thirteen shooters. All instruction and History presented and accepted by them, one AQT for score, and one shooter made a 235 of 250 possible, considering the wet chilly conditions I was impressed although it was his fourth Appleseed and he had made his Rifleman qualification score in the past, it did encourage the others to come back for another day. I had a couple rifles fail to extract, wet bullets sucking on the chamber walls, used my knife to get them out, and asked the man why he didn't carry a knife for just such a thing, all men and boys should carry knives. Then he told me he had a knife when he was six but they took it from him and sent him to the Principal's office when they discovered it.  He hasn't carried one since. How do you play mumbly peg without a knife? He didn't. And we wonder why things go bump in the night now? He was a great man, and was sharing the weekend shooting with his son, so he can't be all bad. Drove the hour and a half back home, crossing the toll bridge and losing six dollars because I didn't feel like driving around it in the wet darkness, I was tired already.

   Got home got the green stuff to make salad out of for Sunday's Thanksgiving Feast for the Church Youth - which because many of them are from Korean families may not have a firm tradition of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy -- and pie after that... the Men in my Bible Study and their loving wives provided. Figure to feed about ninety, fed about a hundred with extra stuff going home for a second meal for those that didn't come. I had some worries about how prepared we were to do this, the Korean pastors like to be in control and we were doing it on our dime and our time. It was a great success.

 While setting up I even got a picture of my Sunday school class, about 90% of them, with me for posterity.

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