Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Where did it go, where do we start, how do we survive...

    America is gone, right after Western Civilizations 101... a relic of a different age and a new human race evolved... NOT.

   Getting back into Sunday School teaching (??? guiding might be a better term) I understood I had forgotten youth and the constant effort to control ones growing self and everything around them, call it play, learning, developing or stretching into the unknown - it is constant.  I have been ill and mostly just a problem to be around for over two weeks, but the children actually became nicer as I tried to  perform; thank them, their parents and the Lord. But as I sent them on their way Sunday I wanted them to find a definition of Honor, or as they would in England 'Honour'.  There are so many words I use and know and are part of my life and definition that my brother knows and has changed the meaning of over his years of growing. He also has different core values, but then he isn't the future of the world - his grandchildren are.

   I never see Glenn Beck, since he departed FOX before the Five, but he was pointing to the culture and the elite establishment, to include political, as being out of touch with mainstream Americans, which aren't really in the center of the foolishness - but the whole group is immoral, accept others as immoral, and think that will make a better world.  He also said that the America that will come from descending into that immorality will be so very evil and ruthless that it would never be forgotten but held up as the worst ever.  Got to be first as something, don't they?

  Anyway, what attracts followers of the different candidates is the failure of the current, in both parties, of elected officials to get it done well, on time, on budget and working as promised.  Which is the result of immoral behavior, we aren't telling each other good myths, fairy tales, and moral stories where good triumphs through - thought, planning, execution and lots of sweat and the good Lord's blessings. You know, like functional families, farms and small businesses and crafty stuff... little very important things.  There is a sad lack of heroes held up as examples - as I repeat to my instructors on the rifle ranges, never teach nor demonstrate the wrong way to do anything - it becomes a focal point. Always emphasize the right way, the best way, the way that the body will make the best shot - once the shooter is out of the 'I' of the shot.

   Time for breaking fast, I watched 'Waterhole number 3' last night, enjoying the movie, thanks to Roger Miller my favorite laughing balladeer.  Code of the West.


  1. What is also sadly lacking are core values 'we' grew up with... And I hadn't thought about that movie in years!!! :-)

  2. Society has destroyed boyhood. We tamp their natural aggression, and we dismiss their competitiveness. We do everything we can to DE-masculinize them. If that all fails, we drug them. Because being boys, they are naturally rambunctious. Their fathers are often uninvolved, absent, or merely poor role models.Perhaps wimps. Those that wish to be present, active fathers who instill drive and discipline. We have CPS to deal with them. We dare no allow them to proceed to the bus stop alone, play contact sports, or even walk barefoot on a hot summer day. God forbid we teach them to box, much less some martial are. And firearms? Oh the horror. Let the television, the video game console, hip-hop culture babysit them. It's easy.