Thursday, September 10, 2015

Reading the fears, so many fears fed...

    I don't fear firearms, I don't fear people with firearms, I am sure the Wild West was never as wild as the folks in Hollywood would want you to believe. I also don't fear the police nor the government agencies in their foolishness - which normally strikes when a bigger fool gets put in charge of something they have little idea about.  I want professionals to have the best training they can get, 83 shots that didn't hit the target makes me think the police need better training and they shouldn't be allowed to think more bullets in some direction are going to be effective.

   I don't fear refugees from terror, as long as they come as families and not from California.  For sure the people that come, have families and raise children and find work or start a business have done wonderful things for themselves and their families and our, "OUR" country.  Where are all our fears coming from? the media needing your attention, the half truths and sad truths thrown around to make you think it will happen to you if you don't do something, vote a certain party and want to be liked, loved and respected?

   I am still not running, one of those fears I haven't conquered yet... I wasn't like this once, what happened? It is too nice a world, a day, and a life not to participate fully to the limits the LORD has put within me.  May all your fears flee before the light of reality, not this shadow world of entertainment and rumor...

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