Thursday, September 17, 2015

oh, CNN had a Republican Candidate Debate? I thought CNN was democrat...

  I don't really want to discuss the debate, since it was intended to draw audience for commercial promotion of products that I probably won't buy, and since it is to present the prettiest possible fantasy Super President of the last Superpower...  come on, don't you see the Trump versus the field drama and excitement? What that has to do with being Presidential?

  If I think Americans would have difficulty deciding what America stands for... I also believe they would have trouble deciding what a President is supposed to be and do  Article II, sections 1-4, it is all there. You may wonder why President's get a 'by' on their poorer performance, it is because their oath of office is to 'to the best of my ability' while many of the other oaths are 'to defend and obey' without a cautionary clause to protect the life of the oath giver.

  Which gets me to my evaluation of the candidates: If I wouldn't follow that person into combat, then I am not selecting - nor electing - nor willfully supporting that person as President. I have to trust that person to defend the nation, to do good things in my name for the world, the nation and the LORD.


  1. I just got back stateside, so I slept... Looking at the pundits, sounds like it was 3 hours of BS... CNN didn't control the debate seems to be the generic statement.

    1. The no control was true, too many and seemingly rude folks. Thought that Rubio spoke well about military force.