Saturday, September 26, 2015

Beautiful Day in the neighborhood, but I was feeling worse as the morning moved along...

    So I crashed with a couple of wife recommended pills and slept the problem away... or so I tell myself. The house looks wonderful, but remember one of the nice things about getting older eyes is missing the dust layering the stuff that just doesn't move much anymore.

   I got my rifles cleaned and oiled by a one time professional, as a soldier and a Drill Sergeant I invented tools to clean carbon from M16, by flattening wire coat hanger lengths, now I see the Chinese are making them to sell to the Americans. Amazing how fast good ideas spread.  Took some Facebook pictures to make folks wonder what I am up to... nothing, just taking Facebook pictures to make folks wonder...

  I even during the clean up and storage and reorganization (like it was ever organized?) I put a bed spread on my day bed for my watching movies to sleep through..

  Did get my Caravan checked for emissions, failed three things, but the government would grant me a waiver for a hundred and fifty dollars, haven't they heard about global warming, carbon monoxide poisoning and other things?

  Big doings here, the Men's Bible study is at our home, days worth of cooking plus some of the ladies will bring more to share. This conflicts with the Church's Mission show tonight, but then we are having a consolidated service tomorrow, so I think we will get all caught up.

  The government has decided I don't know when I am well off and won't give me the winning numbers for tonight's drawing - a repeat of last nights results.  It never matters, they haven't figured out how to use all the money they have been winning for years now. But they get a bit nervous when not enough people play... like the professional politicians get nervous with the people thinking that amateurs could become President.  Just remember William Earl Dungey next November - write it in.


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