Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Awareness is very important... watching or studying something may not be true...

  In the world where someone is going to kill you... you aren't normally aware until you face the pain and the fury and then have to respond to it. Whole courses on survival are taught in the military as a extra level of proficiency in working as a unit in not normal conditions, you have to be aware, get the basics quickly because as water evaporates, cold freezes and more misery is to be forever endured your animal response is hibernation and that doesn't promote awareness. Not much thinking will be done.

   In the normal world everything is hunky-dory, and then it isn't. The policies of the government are mostly behind the times, the reality and looking for more information... and guess what? The government deciders aren't the ones dying. So Katrina comes ashore, Hurricane Sandy slams the boardwalk... people saw the storms coming and clung to what they know best as long as they could.

   If you were in Afghanistan when the Soviets left, or Iraq when the Americans departed, or any country after the last power shift, economic or political disaster - you don't leave until you know you must. Then you look to somewhere safe and you move. There is a fine movie from China :
Remembering 1942, worth your time although it is a hard movie and a real but sad story of a family not being aware, a government that doesn't care, and neighbors that just won't share.

  All immigration is the moving of people to new pastures, but when you consider them refugees you have a better idea of what the people moving are going through. They are on an adventure, not a final journey to the graveyard, they come looking for work, a place of safety, a place to enjoy life remaining. Europe and the almost empty (not crowded) industrialized countries are waiting for them. The Germanic tribes moved into the weakening Roman Empire, the result was different, but they became more civilized as a tribe. People move away from danger and chaos - if you think your nation is safe and you don't need to worry about the crazy leaders of other countries - you don't understand how small Earth is and most of it is water.

   I am wondering where all the civilized citizens are going when the whole thing collapses. Have you a place in your future to flee to, to have shelter, food and water? There will be lots of work, very little law and manners will be frayin' and hearts beating fast. Are you seeing what is going on? Or are we all labeling it something nicer that is nothing to fear and won't solve the problem?  For sure, see where you are before your history is on the Discovery Channel.

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