Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lost causes...

For some strange reason there is a terrible fear of failure in our society. But we fail often and get up and do better the next time, that is how one learns to crawl, then walk, then run - there is a lot of falling flat on ones face or fanny. But we deny it, by passing a law against the effects of our trying and against gravity, knowing that it must be gravity's fault not the fool struggling against it.

Does make me wonder what the world is learning under the guidance and visual pretense of the media, both entertainment and news journalism.  Barack H. Obama's real birth certification from Hawaii - in a computer format that was never used when he was born, for a place not built at the time of his birth.  Lovely thing electronics - it doesn't matter, no matter where he was born, he is the President -- and has ruled as the benevolent Prince ever since, or the seemingly benevolent Prince.

Murder is much more certain. Nine people were shot dead by a lone wolf terrorist working for a long dead cause - White Privilege. That is a lost cause, it never was true, even when it was called White Supremacy, the Left mocking that lost cause by trying to make the losing whites feel guilty for something they aren't participating in, nor believe in - just doesn't work. Only lonely stupid losers wave flags they don't honor nor understand and think that will strike fear into other humans. It would not have worked inside that church, it doesn't work outside that church. Very much like the fools shouting about White Privilege or White Supremacy, a lost cause, no one is listening - shout louder!

The loser waving the Confederate Naval Ensign or the real Confederate Battle flag isn't ready and willing to die for the Confederacy, those that were and understood defeat, they don't have to hide that they supported a lost cause. Read Lee's Final farewell to his soldiers. The man that freed all his slaves ten years before the Civil War.  That battle flag and the name of his Army, the Army of Northern Virginia, was all about what he was fighting for, his state. Modern people don't understand loyalty nor honor, certainly not sacred honor. He had his lost cause, you can have your own, you just don't know you are supporting one.

Another murder in San Francisco, and the Sanctuary City says it isn't their fault the murderer was released, for sure no one knew he was going to have an accident with a firearm (which he couldn't have legally owned) by pulling the trigger until he was sure he could stop pulling it - at a woman that he didn't know.  There are people that will cry out for new better tougher laws, but murder is already a great law - he broke it. It doesn't matter that he could only kill one, never waved anything except good bye to tough times in Mexico San Francisco mi amigo here he comes, again - five times.  No one is crying for tougher gun laws - San Francisco has a bunch that only its Congressional Representatives will attempt to avoid and make lots of money. Law abiding citizens must be gunned down so the evening news can fuel the fears and sell air time for public service announcement from Moslem extremists hiring actors for their lost cause.

Lost causes, being a real proud American, since the media, entertainment and news don't believe one should be proud of being able to jog gently in the morning and stop and get a burger with bacon before going to work, or another romantic encounter with a woman that pretends to love you and all your faults. Bill Clinton couldn't jog in Washington DC daily like he could in Little Rock, another lost cause. He could find women to love in all the wrong places, forgetting that all women will tell another. Hopefully all they have to tell are things one should be proud of, would your mother be proud, Bill, or just forgiving?  Mothers are like that, and often think because they never really understand men, that all men (even their sons) are a lost cause - but they don't stop loving nor having hope that the boy will change, one day soon.  Maybe we shouldn't give up on God, America or any of our own lost causes, just love them and work at them until they win. You don't have to wave a Rainbow flag for another lost cause.


  1. It has been said that the true measure of a man's intelligence is how much he agrees with you...one of us must be very smart. Or maybe both. Anyhow, I think it's you, but I sure do agree with you and you say it so very well and so gently.

  2. Well said Earl. And the SFO thing is just sad...