Friday, July 17, 2015

Gosh, I am now Facebook famous, I am a 'Right Wing Troll'. Wouldn't Mom be proud?

You would ask, you must be a liberal.
? As usual, not a lick of sense out of a right wing troll.
Ah, you must know my brother. .... didn't think I was more than Earl, but you have labeled me more than such. ....
  It was really a much better day away than when I got back to Facebook, there is a real message there.
  I woke one minute before the alarm went off at 4 am, turned it off, hit the shower, weighed and dressed for shooting. Made coffee and breakfast gruel (no egg) and took my blood pressure and medications. Look at the computer and turn it off, so it doesn't mess with my Computer Cave while I am away. So I drive off into the early dawning morning for a three hour drive with little competing traffic. Eagle Creek, Oregon, here I come.
  Got there, parked said hello to a lot of familiar faces, and we moved to the trap shed and parked again for introductions and safety briefing then moved the stuff to the two hundred and fifty yard mark. Ben loves starting the Known Distance with a Daniel Morgan one round cold bore shot, so we were going to do that. All seventeen of these fine marksmen and women, were going to go and establish their credentials.  The first few seemed to have it locked, making it look easy, then a couple misses. It was only an eight inch steel plate painted white. Then a hit that really rocked it and set it swinging. It settles and a miss or two more.
  Then it is my shot, and I always laugh at steel targets, because I can't hear them cry out when struck. Someone else was going to have to listen for me. It was a perfect shot from my view. And when it hit the target went crazy and died, dropped and crawled off for a replacement. I saw all that, they should all be that good.  Made my day, so I packed  my stuff up and came back home. I earned my Daniel Morgan Rifleman patch with my M1 Garand, built in 1954 at the Springfield Armory, MA.
   Okay, Al convinced me to stay and keep shooting, only a hundred and twenty more rounds to go, shoot, paste targets, record scores, and remember to raise the target back up or shooting it in the pits wouldn't work (there is an artillery cure for that).
   I had a great time, there were lots of repeat Riflemen, and some very new ones made at the full distance -- but I wasn't one of them.  Seems I switched targets a bit (I was not alone, some fine .223 round was right there in the middle of my .30 target! great shot, Janer!)  I did show a couple of brilliant moments, 300 yards under time pressure, two rounds within an inch of each other. Three hundred yards were my best position, and as a timed transition I couldn't out think the shot. Must work on standing and sitting just for finding solid and steady positions. 
  Overall, I learned much about what I need to work upon. I also, in the cool quiet of my home, know that I was effective as a military shooter. Just not enough to meet the qualifications of the standard, score of 200 or better, or thirty of forty hits in the black. But I will be able to do either or both with more dry fire for good reasons, and live fire for grins. I will be back.
   Came back home to find the Marines lost more men, and a sailor was badly wounded in an attack by an Islamist Terrorist that couldn't out run justice in Tennessee law enforcement. A naturalized legal immigrant from Kuwait, that little country that couldn't... will have to add them to my prayers today. We all need help. 

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  1. Sorry you didn't make the number, but knowing how close gives you the impetus to do more practice and go at it again! :-) Sad story in TN, no question.