Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Falling up the stairs, Gravity rules!

  Arriving with a bang at the YMCA yesterday, I tripped and fell up the stairs loudly, catching myself just before face plant. The backpack was annoying in its inability to compensate as fast as my body for the departure from vertical. Still, I now had everyone's attention and gasps of concern for the fat old man struggling to look cool getting back up and on to work out. I did say I was fine, just clumbsy. Yes, I am leaving it that spelling, kind of alluding to the climb... not performed to perfection.

   On I went to row to the MixxFit class below, they have to have the best core work out, and the music is constant for the whole hour. Rowed twice for eleven thousand meters total. Did two bicycle runs for about fifteen plus miles, with about four hundred and eighty more miles pedaled I will be over five thousand recorded miles upon the machines. I have miles that I worked out that weren't recorded, things happen. On my second time rowing I was watching two different college age women run laps, they were beautiful, full stride, soft foot placement and seemingly smooth and tireless. A real joy to watch, then one looked over her left shoulder and her right foot got in the way of her left lift and she went down as fast and harder than I had on the steps, she kind of caught herself, but made sure everyone knew she was okay, and then walked on to where she sat and stretched out with the other runner. Gravity rules.
  Finished the day celebrating my wife's birthday, at home and dining out. The call from our son to wish his mother a happy birthday, always will be the highlight of our life. Take care out there, gravity rules and we do so much better erect and balanced on our feet than horizontal on our face.

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