Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What do you think, a cup of tea before brandy?

  Today started very early, so after I ate breakfast, after the weighing and measuring and medicating, I hit the recliner to watch Winged Migrations, and it did sooth me to sleep again. Then I got ready to go pick up more medicines, and go to the YMCA, which didn't work as I had forgotten to bring my gym bag with the stuff. Back to home, wife has gone line dancing and then I did a light workout at the Y, 3.1 miles rowing slowly - wondering why that muscle in my shoulder is protesting, and then 9.54 miles on the bicycle. Feel like a real animal, a fat animal but (that is Bigelow Vanilla Chai) I am started back on course. Dropped off three DVDs and picked up three.

  So Rand Paul is officially a Presidential contender. But the party elite won't support him, the Democrats won't support him, and for some reason he isn't showing why I should support him, I will have to give him some time. Is there anyone I would support? Yes, but they aren't running -- do remember that you may write my name in William Earl Dungey, I just won't spend millions on advertising and promises I won't keep. I will just get out of your way, like a great government should. You can tell I have been watching Atlas Shrugged, John Galt might have been correct.

  If you expect productivity from me, I have been killing moss, spread the crystals and what it turn black, then die... going to thatch it and then rake it and then mow it. Thursday I would guess, Appleseed in Idaho this weekend, near Lewiston the home of 22LR ammunition.

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