Thursday, April 16, 2015

Great weekend, wasn't it?

  Friday, about nine in the morning I started driving across Washington towards Troy, Idaho. I didn't have the correct address for the GPS, but if I could get to Troy I would remember the remainder of the way to the Redneck Manor. Stopped for an hour's nap then continued in to Idaho and the Redneck Manor, where I was warmly greeted by friends.

  Nice dinner and lots and lots of catchup talking it has only been since the last time I had motorcycled through, the wedding in Moscow, so there was much. And life goes on, everyone had an early call in the morning and we went to sleep, until coffee time.

  Breakfast and carpool to the range, which meant I didn't bring all my stuff. Only the t-shirts would be missed. Six shooters to teach, four instructors and away we went. Official report is to the left, one Korean War veteran, a Marine, who would decide he can't do it the way he once did and will be selling his firearms. He had some beauties and for a man that thinks he can't do it any longer, he was hitting targets fine, just getting up and down was a challenge. We did get two scored AQTs in on the first day, and Ben made 210 points exactly and was awarded his Rifleman patch.  Bob, the host range member working the grill and the chili pot, made us a fine lunch, much appreciated. The glass on his grill shattered when cold water hit it from the roof, he would replace it the next day, a man has to have the proper tools.

  Back to the Redneck Manor for food and sleep and more talking. Saw something new to me, cup cakes ready to take somewhere, with what looked like an apple in the middle - and I couldn't figure that out. Why? Until I stood beside and above them, and noted the ceramic applelooking thing was holding the plastic wrap above and away from the icing on the cupcakes, perfectly. Always learning.  More conversation, the baby refused to miss anything and hadn't slept all day nor into the evening.

   Up the next morning to do the miles to the range and set up, taking all vehicles because we wouldn't be coming back, we would go straight home. As much as I don't think much about the smarter super deluxe phones, they sure do catch some great pictures while no one is minding. Thank you very much, Ed, that is the happiest I have been caught in awhile.

  Short one shooter in Ethan, our eight and a half year old shooter from yesterday but the remainder were on and attempting to put it all together, the most difficult thing to do is to build a repeatable pattern in your target engagement. They were all better shots on the second day, but no more Rifleman scores, although the Redcoats proved improvement. Another hamburger and chili and we were cleaning up and closing up. I left at about three, knowing six hours on the road was ahead of me, I had had a wonderful weekend just full of good people and good shooting and great stories about Liberty.

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  1. Thanks for stepping up again Earl, and that is one cute baby! Glad you had a good trip!