Friday, February 13, 2015

Just call me... isn't that a song?

  I made the big leap into getting all my services on one bill. The price was right, the number of checks I would have to write would be fewer.... and there is an advertisement on the television that if they can't make it within a two hour window I would get Comcast credit (as in a new currency that I can't use with anyone except Comcast? a non taxable credit? does the IRS know about it?).

  Email received, the hook up box has shipped. The box arrives, I set it up in the bedroom, nothing works. Sigh, so I now know why the return label was so in my face - they knew I had no ability to self hook up. But I went to the ground and hooked up at the cable box, and I have everything, internet and such. Hmm, check the outside line in - oops, it was disconnected, connect same move back into the bedroom. Success!

  Put the telephone on the modem, no line, nothing.  Hmm, I asked to port my long time home phone number to the new XFinity (Digital) Voice.  I received emails telling me that they had called and: "Thank you for choosing XFINITY Voice. We recently called your home phone number and provided you with your XFINITY Voice Security PIN. To protect the privacy of your account, we require the use of a Security PIN to manage calling features and view or discuss your call detail records online or through Comcast Customer Service." Do you see the same problem I do?

  And if the computer can't guide you through the set up they actually have a big area of their complaint department with long suffering folks talking about how sad the service is. A very LONG line of poor service and trouble switching the number. And I just did my business cards.

   A well known secret is that I, Earl, am not a fan of telephones - unless I want to call someone, and normally I don't. So I got rid of my cell phone after my cross country motorcycle trip and I live on Face book and emails. But really, no one wants to call me, and now I can add Comcast and Xfinity Voice to the list of folks that just don't love me enough to connect. This is Friday the 13th, and the telephones aren't ringing off the hooks here - so no telethon possible. It is so quiet here that I heard the mole annoy-er outside the home chirpping randomly in the night - and my hearing isn't normally that good. Who ever designed that device was thinking of Dune's thumpers and worms.

  Calls to former provider and then to Xfinity Vocie and I now have a very happy wife and two working telephones in the home. And I am so much smarter than when I first wrote this five hours ago.


  1. Glad you finally have it working - for your wife's sake. I know she makes good use of phones to keep in touch.

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  3. Good for you, and a land line works! :-)

  4. Still had the one cell phone to use, but no one really knows about that number. So I will still have two bills for basic communication devices. but the internet is really cracking on the cable vs. that phone line - now if everyone would improve the internet content. I could be content.