Thursday, February 19, 2015

Getting prepared for a season in Liberty...

  First clear your mind of fears. Just because someone offers a really great deal, doesn't mean they are undercover BAFTE agents, informants nor Moms For Goodness Good Gun Cents. So meet the person at Denny's. The public diner is better than the parking lot behind the motorcycle leather shoppe. And I can get breakfast and a coffee.

   Being me, I was there one day early and had two eggs over easy, bacon, sour dough toast and red potatoes. Where are the grits? Oh, the Great NorthWest doesn't know what is good for it.

   Repeat the next day, with a bright red woolen coat and a faded red RWVA ball cap, good looking old guy.  Sees another fellow - figuring it is the man I was to meet. How do I decide that - a good looking OD green army ammo can swinging from his hand. And he give me four boxes of 22LR standard velocity made in the Philippines, because they can make and ship it all the way across the Pacific, and make a profit. We will take it. Thank you, sir.

   So I meet Jeff, who kindly remembers me from Walla Walla - and I put him on the correct range area - Waitsburg - where I was photographing turkeys in the morning on the berm.

   We go inside and I buy him a coffee and we share some thoughts on shooting, why the donation of ammunition (he ordered a case and wasn't going to shoot it all, must be a good guy). Good supporter of the program, hasn't earned his patch yet, but hopes to - maybe at Medicine Lake?  I encourage him to keep talking about shooting and the Appleseed program and offer and get him a bunch of trifolds to keep for passing out where he is from.

   Liberty will not be strangled by Tyranny, but smothered by Concerns of What ifs, like feathers in a pillow, very light as an individual, but a ton of them still weighs 2000 pounds, and little action or reason can get through.  Now I have two thousand round more for sharing the marksmanship and History, and reminding our shooters of the heritage they should be enjoying and the price that was paid. Oh, yeah, I gave him my business card and the tale of the target upon it (braggin', just braggin').

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  1. it's the little steps. And hopefully those little steps and reaching out spread like ripples on the pond!