Sunday, December 14, 2014

I will not comply...

  They want me to lay on the ground with my hands spread - just shoot me, stupid. I haven't done anything, and I am not afraid of dying at the hands of a government that doesn't love me - actually fears me for my faith and my intelligence and my bravery. Makes me think that they, the government, are sure I am an enemy. The government is not my enemy, but for sure they are silly to stupid in how they conduct my government's business. They don't even recognize they belong to me, they think they belong to the powerful, rich, elite, lovely leadership class and the bankers behind the scenes. Ah, maybe they aren't crazy, just misguided and greedy. Any of them leave office as poor folks? Lately?

  I went to the demonstration We WILL NOT COMPLY with I594. My wife was telling me I should get out more, so that was a good place to go, guns were everywhere. Unlike Texas, Washington State has open carry. How did that happen? Family and dog friendly, folks were a bit weird to very nice, the State Police and the grounds keepers were friendly and helpful. Most of the people I met, I knew from Appleseed events, or were introduced to me by folks I knew from Appleseed events.

  I saw lots of fine firearms, and many that were exotic and some I would have taken home but then another shooter would have been short one gun. I met some famous folks, a couple of which were speakers. I noticed the sound system, and it worked perfectly except for one brief feed back problem, but quality voice - poor song choice, but I wasn't in charge of the music.

  As I stood by two of the fine RWVA instructors with revolutionary war flags in their hands, we got questions about the flags and why we were flaunting them. So the Appleseed Opportunity for improved marksmanship with rifle and sling was slung... one young lady, a competitive shooter from high school, knew very much what she was about, her mother liked shooting but not the cost. Still good talking to people about something I knew and could relate.

  I am already planning on attending the one in January, on the fifteenth. Midweek it may not be as big a demonstration, there were about 1200 folks at this one, but the legislature should be in session... could talk one on one. There was one legislator that spoke at this demonstration, with a message from another she read to the crowd. And where were you? In spirit you were there on one side of the issue or the other, but make up your mind.

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