Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How do I look, really?

  At the airport in San Diego, awaiting the loading call my wife said there was an old man that looked 'Exactly' like me. Being so in love with my own image, I always welcome photographs where I am a model of masculinity or some such thing...  so I looked and was dismayed, oh, this is what I look like to my wife now?  The old man, was old, walked a bit strange, wore clean clothes and didn't look like a hero and wasn't smiling at the beautiful young lady nearby.... ah, I will have to workout harder and more often at the YMCA, I can't look like that when I am in public.

  So I am on day two of my improvised plan to make me into the image of my mind... yesterday was a vigorous exercise period, rowing and bicycling, three sets of each - total of 26.15 miles in one hour and twenty-five minutes (don't I wish I ran that mileage that fast? YEAH!)  When I got back home I felt wonderful, knowing I would be burning extra calories while puttering around the home. Also knowing that how I look is important but not anything to cause concern nor sleepless nights. My most important features are an easy smile, silly grin, and calm listening to your end of the conversation.

  Still I like to look dangerous and competent, so without the wonderfully distracting ladies around I give you my best angle.


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    1. Why thank you, for saying so... kind of what my wife said when I said ' I look like him? ' I look just fine.