Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You want change, well, it is coming...

  I was asked about I 594 and I 591, and I recommended voting NO on I 594 and YES on I 591, but I only had one friend that asked. So the big bucks folks, some that don't live nor visit the fine State of Washington, bought enough fearful advertising to make sure the eighteen page document would never be read, cause everyone knows it will prevent the death of one person... I am not everyone. Considering Bill Gates and his wife paid for much of the cost, and they have been known to have deep ties to Washington State - I do wonder if their good works have gotten in the way of good sense. But people do get old and fearful, maybe they are thinking that this will protect them. Probably I think well of their intent, they really do want only nice people to have the ability to keep, bear and share arms. Who decides who is nice?

  So, powerful people with fears and money, bought enough ads and advanced their cause to enough uniformed voters that could be swayed by lies and good feelings. That description fits much of modern law, doesn't it? Some organization or two will look to legal opposition, but real people, some of which shouldn't have a weapon and most which really should will immediately gain the weapons outside of stupid laws. I know that there are law breakers everywhere - only because the laws get too many, too stupid, and definitely too exclusive - so Chicago, New York, Washington DC, and other fool places passing said laws end up with criminals armed, quiet good people stealth armed, and everyone else just hoping dialing 911 gets a speedy rescue when one asks for it.  And the murder rate in Seattle got lower with concealed carry, but then the normal fearful anti-gun crowd thinks this I 594 will slow the murder rate down. Only a change in character will make a bad man with a gun into a good man with a gun. Even joining the NRA or a fine institution for worship may not make the character transformation happen, but I am hoping.

   Not off to the YMCA today, my wife says I should hit the yard and dig the french drain some more. All good ideas. Have said prayers for people in hospitals and under intensive care for falling apart unexpectedly, but that was the theme of the post wasn't it? You wanted change and then complain that you were better off as a brick maker in Egypt, and you got thin beer during the heat of the day, so water and manna don't really look good on the way to the promised land.  Yes, you want change, be careful what you ask for. It is like the weather in the plains, it will change - sooner than we are prepared. Shucks! I don't have enough friends to lose another in a hospital ICU or tent in some far away country fighting thankless wars unknown but to God. Be careful out there and spread a little more love, in all directions.

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