Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I did promise to clean off the walks and lawn...

  But I had vertigo after I finished mowing the backyard and cleaning the mower. Wow! That is scary.

  Sit down, till the spinning stops.

  Then since you can, have lovely lunch with wife.

  Then go out and start the clean up. Until two, when you get to watch The Five on FOXNews... so she starts the vacuum and makes more noise than the five can get over. I turn off the television and leave to finish a project on making myself a new improved Face Book avatar... seems that many of the RWVA folks are hoping on the new re-branded logo - which is just fine, but I am only a volunteer and I have a better idea for my personal avatar.

That does sing to me, took me all of the Five's time, and I even used it to post on the RWVA forum when they were discussing the new logo - left a copy so they could see what I did.

  None of the effort beats the time on the line in all my Appleseeds and all the fine folks I have met along the way.  Next April 19th, in 2015 (which is really closer than you think). I suggest that all my family and friends and readers of this fine blog (LOL!!!!!) sign up and attend a Libertyseed (where the stories are told and no guns are fired) or an Appleseed event where the Marksmanship, History and Heritage can come together in a personal experience for you and your friends and neighbors.

  Now, I will go back to my cleaning up the yard and the walks.


  1. That is a great one Earl! And it should drive the antis nuts...LOL

    1. Even better, ask a younger person what it means to be an American - if they don't start by feeling guilty about the past they may actually know what it means.