Monday, September 15, 2014

Women invited to apply for Ranger School

I have an opinion about that... but I have changed it.

Once I was an eager First Sergeant, and wanted to get back into the Infantry so I decided I wanted to go to Ranger school... I had read Northwest Passage by Kenneth Roberts and still have a copy within arms reach, so I knew Roger's Rangers and wanted to be one for the 20th Century. Paperwork got approved through the battalion and then hit the Division Artillery Headquarters, where the Command Sergeant Major wanted me not to go, I was going to make sure the grass was cut around my battery area. Sigh, so they sent the paperwork back (weren't supposed to do that) and I went off to Jungle Operations Training with many of my best troops tagging along with our Infantry battalion's rotation. I trusted my Smoke to take care of the grass and act like a proper First Sergeant.

I had a fine experience at the course, learned somethings that stood me well in the following years and was there to watch a tiny wasp, about a third of an inch long, sting one of the big men in the battery and he fell like an giant redwood. Out, took three hits of anti-venom to get him back up and moving out to evacuation points. I also noted that paratroopers really do need Ranger ropes holding their rifles on their body when they panic in the water trying to swim to the rubber boat. Interesting.

Ranger School goes co-ed.  That is the story, but I have changed my mind. Once I thought women shouldn't be in combat positions, shouldn't be in combat zones. For sure I thought we had enough men to fight, and the women could stay by the home fires and home industry keeping it warm. What changed?

Well, I don't think we have enough men left to fight, not sure they have enough will to win, am very sure many women don't want to be women any longer. I am sure with the current mad enemies around the world giving them women to torture, rape and exploit will be good for them. I am positive that it wouldn't be highlighted in the media - sexual assaults only get reported when a civilized man betrays our expectations of better behavior - not much when the mad Muslim mobs do something to reporters, female by standers or military members.

So I am good with the idea of not changing the standards, keeping the training and expectations of the Ranger Course the same and allowing women to apply and attend. I hope they graduate with fewer sexual assaults than the women in uniform do in all other courses, and I hope they learn a lot about fighting and living as a Ranger. You see, I know the world has changed, we are going to need as many fighters, real fighters as we can get - the general population is still stuck in the thought that women are a weaker sex, but I see the men shaving their chests, underarms and legs. And those aren't the swim team members.

I would really rather the women stayed ladies and nurtured and maintained the home and family - but I guess I have been reading about the frontier too much lately - and we need more adult fighters just for all the savages. Superman isn't coming - Ranger training - small unit leadership, patrolling, and raids and attacks are all good 21st Century self and unit survival skills. Teach them well how to fight, there are just too many men that can't anymore. They are still working on a pill - but the developers are cautioning that you should check with your doctor if 'your heart is healthy enough for fighting' for God and country.

Yeah, there are women that will shine in Ranger course, be happy to have them dealing death at my side.

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  1. I am also okay with it with ONE provision, they don't downgrade the requirements/expectations...