Monday, September 22, 2014

So I am happy tired, and wasting time on blogging?

Link to the Custer, WA Appleseed on the left. Friday evening I got to the range, place is full of state trooper cars and a few Sheriff vehicles- the fifteen law enforcement units use this club heavily. They depart and it gets as quiet as it is going to as I read then go to sleep in the best living in my automobile mode. Wandering rifle instructor without rich patron.

Get up in the morning, shave, breakfast and no coffee (?). PaulW shows up and we prepare to unload and set up, then Ralph arrives with the electronic key. His club his rules. He brought a Remington Model 37 target rifle for me to drool over - gosh the wood is beautiful and I want to use the sights and that so smooth bolt action. We won't have the time. Eight shooters arrive, two from a shoot in Port Townsend, one of which will score Rifleman three times out of eight tests.

The instruction goes well, the shooters try to hide from the heat and the Sun, ending Summer in the warm zone. One would sit out a few stages to recover, he finished two events but didn't return on Sunday. Quick clean up, and they all leave me alone to find Jack in the Box and make myself a bit uncomfortable for hours. The burger just wasn't hot, like a quick microwave didn't penetrate. I would sleep like the homeless another night in the parking lot. Two state trooper cars met there and when I woke they asked if I had a shoot in the morning, since I was sleeping under a military poncho liner. I said yes and they went back to talking. I kept wondering what their computers would come up with if they ran my plate? There are clues to who I am on the outside of my vehicle, but they must have been happy - since they never knocked and asked what I was doing. The parking lot has about twelve hook ups for water and power for big events sleep overs.

Second day, shave, change clothes, breakfast with COFFEE! and crew shows up with shooters not far behind. Smooth day, gets hot but popups help shade and they can be moved to the travel of the Sun. Milton scores Rifleman with a 212. then would do it two more times 220 and 221. He would also clean the final Redcoat target of the day. Everyone was shooting better by that time, but over 521 rounds expended in four Redcoats and eight AQTs for record, one peppermint popping challenge and other shooting practice and refinements. Gave the final talk, passed out their targets and some wisdom and I hope I see them on the range again one day.

One of the highlights of the second day, show and tell, PaulW got his reproduction flintlocks, rifle and musket fowler out to demonstrate and wow the eleven year old boy, who got to pull the two triggers on the rifle and set off the primer. Love being an American and the smell of gun powder.

Two hour and fifteen minute drive back to home station, and a real meal and a real bed. I went to check the RWVA forum and find something that just bothered me, so I let fly with fast fingers and zinged something back. "Earl saved none of the Vietnamese of the Republic of Vietnam, total failure, Earl saved none of the Iraqis from Sadam nor ISIL, total failure. Earl saved not one American in his entire life, total failure. Must be a problem with Earl, couldn't be America, lack of American leadership, nor sense of community. It will always be Earl's fault for not doing what his mother and his wife told him was better. I am off to hang my head in shame, American failure was all my fault." One really shouldn't write when really tired, for publication anyway... a note to a more wakeful self would be better. The subject was saving America and how I wasn't doing enough. Truth is only God can save us, and I will trust in Him.

Ah, I am so back, finished all the paperwork and internet/forum reports the breakfast and YMCA call me to perform, gentle rains fall the first day of Fall, here. Be good and happy today, you will have to earn it.

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  1. Thanks for the time and effort yet again Earl! keep shooting and training the new ones!!!