Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gray rainy day... don't be down...

Earlier than dawn my wife leaves for her hiking group, new trail to conqueror. I ask about which plants she wants harvested, the tall ones, and get all their roots. Okay, I can do that later a bit. I put the oatmeal, crasins and raisins in the microwave, egg and yogurt wait for later inclusion. Gosh, do I know how to eat breakfast? The only weakness is no bacon to eat and grease my bullets with.

I found at the midweek service that when it came time to open the baked goods, asking for a knife to cut anything was a problem. Ten men and only three knives, and they were all mine. I have been told that I am out of step, marching to the beat of a different drummer... but how do they play mumblety-peg during recess if they don't carry a pocket knife? I can't really say when I started carrying a pocket knife, must have been about Cub Scout times, when I learned to carve some very simple stuff. Now it is used for opening boxes and cutting cord, still I carry daily. But that is an indicator that there are a lot of people that aren't in step with the rest of US.... ha, ha. Like we (US) are the normal Americans and those others have been converted to the Dark Side. One cousin claimed going through metal detectors caused his to disappear, but then he should have looked at ceramic knives, plenty sharp enough for cutting stuff. And I would bet in his office there were scissors, but then maybe not steel ones.

Well, big day today, best get to that breakfast and pack out for the YMCA, cause if I don't sweat I swell in lock step with poor eating exercise habits. Yesterday I entertained one older man with the First Strike of the Match about the march to Lexington and the confrontation on the green. He was impressed, wonder if he will be hesitant to get me going again?  He only asked what the words on the pink Appleseed t-shirt were all about. It was fine, I was between the rowing machine and the bicycle machine. 6.2 and 13.51 miles respectively. Y'all be good and love someone well today - that will shock them!

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  1. Cub Scouts here... and I 'only' carry two now... sigh