Friday, September 5, 2014

Good trips are worth mentioning in dispatches... the truest honor.

  There was once an army of Regulars of the good King George and his many variations, that found a lot to be truly proud of being mentioned in dispatches from the front, to the court or to the home office. Now, wearing the ribbons or the medals are a public display of merit or achievement, I like to think my highest honor were to be thought well of by those that were there and actually know what they think they saw me do. This trip has been full of great things.

 I had conversations, deep ones with my wife as we finished meals with nowhere to run, no schedule to fulfill, place to be or were surrounded by people that would not care what we were doing in public. There is a lot of freedom in that place, although, it reminded me of my mother having to take a picture of me holding my wife's hand - she had never seen any public
display of affection between us - none that she could see through her idea of what my life should be like. If she had to write about it - she was always writing a story about everything around her.

  I was privileged to escort my wife to a formal military dinner for my son and his classmates and catch a picture of his advisor giving him the certificate (diploma) for the course. I met many fine men and women, currently in uniform - can you say the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Joint Chief of Staff ? He was truly interesting, kind and fun. My son's classmates were also polite, sharing and considerate - in the end I am happier with the current military than the media or most of the American public (although most of the public that knows people in the service or that had served before have a better idea than the media). Really, a very satisfying evening with my son and those he has been with these last few weeks. He looks so much better in his mess whites than I ever did in my mess blues - and I don't know the proper term for any Navy uniforms.

  He took us to visit Concord and Lexington and Battle road, found a museum that I hadn't thought to visit that had some very neat stuff I wouldn't have seen otherwise, with a helpful young woman that would have allowed me to exchange knowledge on North Bridge all day. We hit the best of the Friday got to go to the weekend commute, which was moving but frustrating - he held us together and returned us to the safety of the motel and we said good-bye until the next visit to his home.

  I have some real idea about how to improve my Three Strikes, and the Appleseed event on the getting the folks out of the deck chairs. I needed more time with those that really don't know who, where, when and definitely WHY, the loyal subjects of the crown would decide that being treated as not capable of Liberty because of birth or lineage was just stupid and must resisted by all means necessary.


  1. Congrats to your son! SEA is something to be proud of! And glad you got some time to 'walk in the shoes' of our forefathers!

  2. Did you happen to have a laser rangefinder when you were in the area of the north bridge? Or just an estimate perhaps on the distances? Just curious.

    1. I would bet there are fine cameras out there that include a range finder. I should check it out.

  3. I was using the old, walking pace count from AIT, Infantry 1967. I was trying to figure out your question, but I was only thinking that Captain Davis has a similar view of the bridge as he came down from the hill, supporting cannons from the photographers position could have sent the light infantry into a panic - but they weren't there. You probably carry a range finder, I have to guess a lot.