Saturday, August 30, 2014

What is on your mind today... or why are you up so early...

How little of my monitor screen is taken up by what is on my mind. Really, 17x10 inches, and my mind has 6x1 inches of acknowledged FB content for display? Sure, then the diversions, take y'all immediately to where FB is going to make money...

No, what I think about: Combat Experiences of the AEF of WWI (reading it) Pontiac's War in the movie '
UnConquered' (watching the DVD), RWVA expansion to the millions of those that have never been to one or have never heard of us (the members only portion of the RWVA Forum), declining participation in church, public schools, voting, community, and when am I going to learn how to shoot better... or do anything better than...

There are many places to go and get lost aren't there?

I did shoot yesterday, checked my zero at twenty-five, found my sights off, put them back on, then took the target to 100 yards, the black was about six inches, okay, I shot it, I hit it. Go back to 200 yards the black is still six inches, darn that is a small target, shoot it and hit the paper, take it back to 300 yards the black is still six inches and I can see it? Well, yes, unless I look at my front sight (FOCUS!) then I have the large paper blur, twenty-one inches wide, which is about 7 minutes of angle, which is about my front sight width... Still I do hit that paper.

But I don't have the good tight one inch groups I have shot on the twenty five yard line. Sigh, what is my expectation? Consistency, but I am not that good. Yet. I bring all my failures home, lay the targets on the bed and think... Maybe I should use a larger target at the distances, you know, something like the whole twenty-one inches. Looking up the longer range targets I find them having black areas about twenty-one inches or even more. Ah, that is interesting. I could run out to the range and engage a full size, 24x20 D silhouette. Be happier.

Notice the sneaky NRA commercials? First one I caught was the blond with the 1911 gold pistol necklace, and she was talking about something other than shooting, when she got to the 5 million members of the NRA I had it figured out. Saw a man later, but he had no jewelry so I wasn't sure except for now familiar format.  My brother's enemy, the NRA, which like Republicans and Conservative values - is a red flag - a warning that nothing good will come from listening to that stuff, all lies. Which is shared to guns and shooting, although most people may now something about guns and shooting that doesn't fit the EVIL label... some of them.

As long as the unknowing media label soft ear plugs as non lethal bullets the shooting community has its message to get out - there are so many unwashed and unknowing out there. Can't get them to read the Constitution or Declaration of Independence since it doesn't fit in a hundred and forty characters or takes more than a few seconds to think about... or are they thinking anymore, maybe they are just feeling?

Well, your homework assignment, so I can rest longer and sleep soundly is: define America, Liberty, and marksmanship. Why are folks tuning out, dropping out, not being part of the herd, or defining themselves as a part of the herd, the protest, the mob, the looters, the lost, the winners, the losers... are they defining self or their darkness potential? Think it is time for a fresh pot of coffee, I am not going back to sleep.

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  1. There's so much in there and there's a reason the Constitution is framed and on the wall.