Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We just kill them all until they don't return...

  One of the better messages from the Vietnamese commander in We Were Soldiers, when asked about taking prisoners.

  I have personally concluded that killing all Hamas, ISIS or any other enemy is the only way to stop the madness.  Yes, I will pray for them, but I am sure that killing them will get them to the Lord's  mercy sooner than allowing them to behead people, threaten death and destruction, and in general rape and beat women. Kill them.

  There is a fine thought that they should be able to be moderate, gentler and honorable. But they don't seem civilized, and if our civilization has gotten so cushioned chair bound that we aren't willing to FIGHT the stupids wherever they are -- they will be coming in the back door soon.

  No more non-lethal, no more halls of Justice, just kill them if they are carrying a bomb or a weapon. If they are in charge, kill them. Their sons will avenge their deaths, kill them when they try.

  You may now return to your regularly covered petty little lives.



  1. Yep, Genghis Khan was right...

  2. When I wrote this that was exactly who I was thinking had the correct idea.