Friday, August 8, 2014

Sorry, I got side tracked by WORLD events...

 Yesterday was a complete wonderful fine glorious day shooting known distance, full distance, and finding out what works for me, and where I need to work on more better.

  First, I calmly waited for the jammed traffic on the 205 Bridge over the Columbia to open up and allow me to pass through. No choice, and I took pictures, but you have all seen it before, haven't you? So I arrived at about 8:30 and found I was right there for the first shot, cold bore on the steel gong, two hundred and fifty yards away. Which I missed because I can... No, I have no idea where my bullet went. The reason I like paper better than instant ringing gratification.

  My M1 was set on battle sight zero, and I found that will always work for 100, 200, and 300 distances in standing, sitting and prone in a hurry. What doesn't work is sloppy shots - I don't teach sloppy shots, I just know how to do them, more of my shots aren't than are - so I am going to get all of them to the best shot side.

  I found trusting the NPOA very important for shooting in the Rifleman's Cadence, and shooting in the Rifleman's cadence is the only way to put ten round on target within fifty-five or sixty-five seconds on stage two and three of the AQT. I only dropped one round for time, and six rounds for failure to feed (shooter had trouble loading clip - once).

  I found the sling cannot be snug enough, make it snugger.  Practice all positions more, and lock into the best for you and your rifle early in life. Still, be prepared to change to something else and lock it down. Stuff happens.

  Enjoy the shot, enjoy the shoot and speak well of the departed.


  1. Sorry to hear you dropped the cold bore shot. That's not like you.

    1. No, but then I am trying to become a very good shot, not a perfect one. I was more disturbed by my final ten rounds of the day at four hundred yards. They were not where they could have been if I had done all I know.. practice what I preach, I can be a fine fellow.