Friday, August 1, 2014

Jesse Ventura was wrong... but haven't we all been bad before?

I never knew Chris Kyle, and I certainly don't know Jesse Ventura. But I do think Chris knocked a loud mouth down and left the scene. Now I never heard it was Jesse Ventura from Chris's mouth... media wanted that answer and made it up well. Jesse Ventura said it never happened. So I have no reason to doubt Jesse Ventura's word - he just wouldn't be the type to get loud mouthed and act a fool, he was a governor of Minnesota wasn't he?

Where Jesse Ventura got it wrong, was thinking that Chris Kyle was trying to hurt him and his career - which ever one he is engaged in now. So, on the advice of his lawyer, he sued Kris Kyle's estate for damages. Now I know the lawyer was going for the win and the money, Jesse Ventura was going for his honor, or something else. What has happened that Jesse won the Stupid Unloved Award of the Year. He is an old man, that kicks dirt on the graves of the dead and steals bread from the store of their widows... for his honor, or something else.

I served in Vietnam, I am a Baby Boomer but better than Bill Clinton and George Bush, the Younger. And certainly better than Jesse Ventura, although I am probably too close to his weight - I would never have worried about what someone said about me - except to be called a liar. I wouldn't have sued, I am probably more direct and confrontational. I would have met on neutral ground and over a cup of tea. But then I haven't been knocking down loud mouthed old me, nor written about it. So I will just say, Jesse, you and Kyle should have met and talked it out - or you could have put some moves on each other - then had a beer.

Just because the world has no sense, doesn't mean you have to be mean. Living in love -- nothing else works better.


  1. Ventura is broke... And blames Kyle... But 'I' think he's made a serious mistake continuing the suit...

  2. I am sure that legal aid, monetary reward and lack of dignity and honor will never fix STUPID. So sorry, Jesse.