Sunday, August 17, 2014

Have you been listening....

I saw a bit of news on Ferguson, MO. And they said that rioters were looting a store, sure enough there was someone looting a store. While the police were tear gassing the protestors, and there is unrest in Ferguson tonight. Because the good people of that town, went to bed, not wanting to be on television/cable news, and they had jobs to go to in the morning. Now if I had been writing the story, the looters ran lawlessly through the community striking at will. The pushy protestors were being quelled by heavily militarized police forces, having more in common with Storm Troopers than they wanted. This is all brought to you by eTrade, where you too can make Warren Buffet look conservative.

As I finally fixed my yard like I should have long ago, and made my wife concerned but happy, I was thinking of the old television. Tennessee Ernie Ford Show - and others. Where I heard people singing Gospel standards, and patriotic songs. I must be on the wrong planet, because they only seem in my memory. I have a cousin's son that sings in a quartet - they are still doing traditional music, I guess.  Of course that is my traditional music, not the music my son has grown up with -- I am so much of a long gone away era. As I dumped a bunch of WWI books and manuals into my kindle, I may be reaching back into my grandfather's era for no good reason, except I haven't been there for awhile. Maybe I find the current shouting and pounding no longer rocking but frightening... and I might be afraid, very afraid.

Truth is: stay off the cable, find my music and listen to it, and for sure read more about the New Springfield, the 1903 A3, cause I don't want to be behind.  Did you hear that some ammunition manufacturer is hiring more worker? Great news! I have also been following the Camp Perry competitions, great work, and no one was robbed nor attacked by all those military style weapons, but then the targets are all those big circles way down there many hundred yards away. And some of those rifles are almost a hundred years old - at least in design. Why are those shooters smiling? Cause they know very well what they are about.

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  1. Re Ferguson, seems like a LOT of the 'protesters' are from out of town... They are just there for what they can steal!