Monday, July 7, 2014

I have eleven years left on this battery...

not really sure about the body surrounding it, but the pacemaker tech says I show eleven years worth of battery, as long as I don't change radically under it. So off to the YMCA, to knock out more bicycle-like miles up and down hills. I did three routes for the current competition (I am only doing it for the emblem on my trophy case) for my team I am ahead of all, but by the time everyone finishes they will have spent less time on the bike and be ahead of me - which is why I have to go early - slower but doing two to three routes to stay ahead.

In the mailbox, mail for my neighbors, one credit union statement for me and four DVDs and one lock blade knife from China with an interesting spring action. The DVDs I picked up Drums along the Mohawk, Unconquered, Revolution Revisited, and 2016. The first of which I will watch tonight after I have finished making my lawn civilized. My wife has such patience.

I woke to a dream of my wife calling for me from outside the bedroom, but as I woke I checked the bed and she was still there, so I went back to sleep. I told her about it in the morning, she was sure it was a bad sign - she has all her country girl superstitions. She told me that her dream was about me and a girl friend - I ignore those entirely. What I wanted to know but didn't ask - don't dare ask - wasn't if my girl friend was beautiful in her dreams - what I wanted to know was I still the old toothless balding fat man she was having breakfast beside. Nah, it is difficult enough without Joseph or Daniel to know the importance of a dream, but never ask questions you don't want others to ponder, nope.  All my girl friends have always been better than I deserve, and there are rules about living with other humans in peace that one never violates.

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  1. :-) Yep, that is one of THOSE questions one never asks... Because it will never end well... :-)