Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back to me, since I can't control the borders... or the boarders.

Repel all boarders! Avast, me hearties,    .....where is Long John Silver when one needs him?

I wake to the whine of NPR, didn't hit the correct buttons on the radio last night - no telling what subliminal messages I have to ignore the remainder of the day. Saturday, after five days of good hardly a workout at the YMCA, I feel like a break is due. No, I will go later and sweat, I am so old and fat and falling totally into pieces. I must go. But I should have fun along my way, the lawn needs trimmed today, I have at least one rifle to shoot and I want to try that 100 yard KD AQT. I do believe in hands on experience - theory is fine to start the mental images, but I read way to much fantasy and fiction to not know I need to have done it badly at least.

I got a green laser to mount on my dummy rifle for training, actually I received two, one puts out a multi-point pattern (?) and the other a very nice dot. The dot is the one I will work to make happen. Then the red laser goes to back up utility. I don't have cats to chase the dot around, maybe I could distract the neighbor's cat?

I have a computer cave that needs more organization, and I need to quit drinking so much brandy.... no, I don't drink that much (first step in knowing there is a problem is the denial?). So I pack the YMCA bag, pick up one rifle - one, NO,
not two, I will take two to Idaho, just in case. But then I don't have to take all the Appleseed gear, just my support my shooting gear. Hooded sweatshirt today, it is in the fifties and rainsome and somewhere. Top of Mount Rainier is covered.

So, since you did stop by to look, have a wonderful weekend, Army birthday, Flag day, and Father's Day on Sunday. Go shooting, safely and well.  The church is having a Golf Tournament this morning, seventy-five dollars - I told the Pastor that I could get a spot on the range much cheaper and would have more fun, but he always looks at me funny when I mention shooting. My son might be golfing, it would look good on him - he isn't a total klutz. How do I know the sport isn't for Earl? Well, if a ball is used that is where I can sit and watch. I would play rugby (when I was much younger) but never handle the ball, except to pass it back to someone that wouldn't drop it.

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  1. Practice drills the body and mind... Trigger time is good in ANY form. Shoot em good Earl, and Happy Father's Day!