Thursday, May 15, 2014

Good day, thank the Lord.

Weather was perfect, the breezes in tune with the rising temperature. I put the Christmas stuff away until next November. Having a little floor space was nice, so I rolled the motorcycle out to get it started. And I won't go into how that was done.

But I did it, got it running, fueled it up and rode to the YMCA, which had given me the day off. Rode the Trusty Triumph back home and on the way, realized it didn't have its new plate, sticker nor title. Where did I put that, I was headed towards the garage to put it on, and got diverted.... what happened? Don't know now, the garage is cleaner for the looking for the envelope and plate.

Still, the motorcycle ride was fun, leaning into the turns and going up the gears like I knew what I was doing. The motorcycle is away, the garbage is on the curb, hot shower done and I am wearing shorts and a polo shirt, so cool. Dinner and then iced wine until I sleep.

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  1. In other words, a good day! :-) Enjoy the Earl, you deserve it!