Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When did the NRA become so EVIL?

Ah, the demon Democrats did it. Or those that don't believe in the goodness of men or some other agents of CHAOS. Evil, just say the letters and my brother won't stand with them even when they are right.

Not that the NRA has stopped any murder conviction, nor have they lobbied for crazy tunes when no one wanted to sing. Just because they are the NRA, and they seem to buy government representative better than former Mayor of Madness Bloomberg. Then I do understand that fifty million dollars of fertilizer is going to make grass roots as deep as the Gun Lobby has... except the Gun Lobby has shooters and all kinds of gun lovers that don't put any money into causes, especially political ones. They just vote, demonstrate and expect to make every shot count. Or, and I often think this is the majority of the gun owners, they just go about their lives hoping no one bothers them in their activities with firearms -- but they aren't betting on it.

Kind of like the KKK demonstrating against the Jews, Catholics and other un-American races -- ideas that need to be looked at in the light of day. They weren't true nor worthy.

There are many bad ideas, false teachings, and evidence buried far from the light of day. Troubling times.

I think I will drive my wife to her eye operation, and read while I wait patiently. Wearing my reading glasses by Foster Grant. I did get my Rebel flag up yesterday, but I think I will go for the larger size next time and keep the two by three for a marching or demonstration guidon.

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  1. They became evil as soon as they didn't roll over for the PC crowd...