Sunday, March 30, 2014

Techicolor dreams last night...

Seems that watching Nebraska in black and white will do that to me. Very good movie, just to think a little about. So glad my extended family isn't like that, but Woody had an interesting life and wife. Yes, a very good movie.

I started the Revolutionary War done by the History Channel and realize why I no longer linger when sliding by that channel. Historical re-writes for today's ignorant. Still nice color and somethings were correct, King George was only the Third then.

Fine Bible Study when we could get off the subject of being subjects and subjected to authorities and cultural bias. Heaven is going to surprise us all - most often heard phrase will be 'I didn't see that coming.'.  I think God will do exactly as He wants. Lawyers aren't going to persuade Him at all. Hard to ignore the evidence. IMHO

I am spending too much time on the monitor, since it took me a bit to realize that the letters QC were meant for conversation. I thought they meant Quietly CRYINGoutLOUD! but they meant Quality Control. Too many joined at the hip letters wandering from lazy typists.

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  1. Yep, good points... And words like 'subject' DO tend to bring up discussions...