Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I am not to use the "B" word with little delicate girls...

Which in my mind conjures up lots of words not to use with any lady, young or old. Of course the cause of making young women into someone you never want to laugh with and share secrets with... seems a few successful women are trying to modify hurt by attacking the word, not the ill mannered behavior that makes the word a weapon causing harm.

Is there a pattern here, if I said a gun is the problem, not the killer, robber, or rapist you might see it clearer.

Grabbed right on to it didn't you? Of the offensive words I never use, and they are legion, those weren't selected by the verbal police. Because they love to use them, hurtfully, on the females that aren't part of their clique. Or Click. Really. Do you think, wanting Hillary to become President, anyone is going to complain that she is BOSSY?

So they are going to try and diminish a word, instead of the ugly, hurtful and totally unattractive behavior. Yes, I have seen that before -- since the music, theater, movie and entertainment industry can enrich our lives with filth, by using other words never used in truly polite society. The word Bossy must go. Such Bossy Babes they are, aren't they? They aren't delicate little ladies, haven't been for years.

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  1. Words have meaning, and many times that 'meaning' IS reinforced by the behavior of the individual using the words... Another PC campaign in the offing???