Friday, January 3, 2014

You know I don't think Hollywood and political correctness will win wars...

The Marines want a few good men, and many more really good women to become the few the proud the Marines. And they have some problems, with the women meeting the men's standards - mainly because they aren't men. Even reducing the standards and calling them the same, hasn't worked -- kind of taking forty high school folks, gender unknown, and throwing them together with a Hollywood Marine for eleven weeks and calling them Marines. That won't work the same as being in Boot Camp with real Drill Instructors, rifles and a program to find the few the proud the Marines. Then you can put them on a bus to go visit Fayetteville and tell those paratroopers who is the the best.

So anyway, some blogger wrote about it, and why women shouldn't be stuffed into combat roles to prove points, gender equalization and stupidity. Not real bad for a non-combat fellow, but except for proving that stupid people can't have any really great ideas, he had no experience in the real reasons why it doesn't work.

Basically biological. When I as a young man saw a female human I immediately started thinking about having sexual relations. Biological, doesn't matter about rules, laws, good sense or my higher mental capacity - females were to have sexual relations with... it is natural. When I see other men, they were to fight against to allow me to have all the females. That is biology, human reproductive biology.

Because this is so animal and we are supposed to be human I will have to allow my brain and higher thinking powers to come into the seeking sexual relations.  First I only want the most desirable, conditioned by cultural norms, although when things get really extreme almost any female would do...But I am still only a thinking animal, running on basic biologic functions.

Add a higher spiritual level and I want to have a woman as a partner in life to bear my children and raise them and make a home... which is a very high standard. The motivation, much of it biological and thinking human male, of such a creature, family and home almost guarantees that I will put my life on the line to protect that, all that I love. Even not having my own, still I will put my life on the line to protect that idea. I will never do it for money, for a country, for my fears, for my friends like I will for that fine dream of family.

To do it well, I will gather with other warriors, and train, and sing, and dance and boast and train and dance and sing and boast and train and dance and sing and boast and put on the war paint and go into the darkness after leaving our nice on the bunk until we come back. Then we meet the enemy and start killing, and killing, and dying, and killing and getting tired and killing and dying, and getting so tired and killing and dying more and continuously. Then peace. Or just a hot meal, or a full day of rest, or a hot shower that looks and feels like heaven - you remember hot showers don't you?

I remember standing watch outside a shower in Saudi Arabia while a female soldier took one, a hot shower, she didn't like being dirty. I would never have stood watch outside of a male soldier taking a shower. Hollywood would have written me into the shower, but Earl wouldn't have gone there. Earl doesn't have romances with his warriors, if you aren't going to do something with love - you really aren't going to do it well, are you?

I can tell you all the reasons that I don't want females in the combat roles - but mainly it is because our civilization will have lost by the time we have to put them there to protect our civilization. I think women should decide why they can't compete directly with the males on the field of battle, I have an idea that you couldn't even get enough female drone operators to manage all our drone operations. Just like you can't get enough women engineers. But you all keep trying.

I do think universal military training would be good for every young person in high school, and I do KNOW that there are positions in the military that women fill very well, often even better than men. But I haven't figured our how General Custer or Crazy Horse would have done as well as the modern warriors of the Marines with women infantry, cavalry at the Little Big Horn.

What I need women for is to make me civilized, what I need enemies for is to make me stronger, what I need God for is to make me my best for His purpose and his kingdom. Which is never stuck on the battlefield, God leaves no one stuck on the battlefield. Governments do, because they don't care and have no love of anything except the boss. So God isn't demanding females in combat, He didn't design them that way. Thank the Lord, Amen!


  1. Did you know that I had an offer from the Air Force with a promise of OCS training (no guarantee of success, though) when I got my first B.S.? Our mother nearly had a fit over that possibility even though I was very anti-military at the time. I thought she was afraid that you and Wynn would have to salute me. Maybe she was really afraid that I would make a good officer? Who knows.

  2. If you had become an officer I would have had to salute you, which is not as big a deal as some make it out. I am sure you wouldn't have liked it for the military portion, some work challenges you would have liked - projects and such, you would have liked the money and benefits but maybe not enough to retire upon. I didn't know they had made an offer, but recruiters will go for their quota everywhere. You are certainly intelligent enough and serious enough you could have done it.