Saturday, January 11, 2014

So I found three hundred dollars, and there ain't no ammo to be had...

I want some more 22lr ammunition and can't find any... oh, it is listed then is 'sold out' or something similar. The wonders of the internet. Why can't England or Australia make us lots and lots,  it isn't like they have to worry about too much ammunition falling into their citizens' hands. They can sell it all to the USA, we will buy all they make that is good.

I have enough personal ammunition, but the need for new shooters, for those that want to practice, for those interested in plinking and hunting - those needs must be met. The local manufacturers say they are running shifts full time, but I don't think so, Soros bought them all out and slowed production -- or he didn't. But for the market not to adjust to the demand, that is an artificial constraint - which seems like government stupidity.

Not that the government has ever been stupid, we can't even get Astronauts to the International Space Station... America in decline, worried about terrorists and the poverty stricken, which were both created by stupid government programs. Don't take my word for it, look it up.

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  1. Find out when Wally World delivers ammo, then be there... Prices are reasonable for .22 And concur with the last!