Monday, December 30, 2013

Restless night, and striking too close to home...

1:35 AM, and I am awake, not coughing dried out and going for a cup of coffee. My wife has girl K-Pop groups dancing and singing on the television. Better than infommercials by a bunch. She is sleeping  in the family room because I am restless and coughing periodically, likely because I don't know how to turn the cough off, there seems to be no mucus.

My wife found strange cars at the street entrance and behind my Caravan on our drive when she returned home yesterday evening she drove off and reported it to the old homeowners President, who had suffered two home break-ins this holiday season. No one has been caught, but the story on the street is that the folks renting the home two houses East of ours are the ones responsible. Warned now I can expect that today or tomorrow they will be moving out and on. Also that they might come back in January to strike some likely homes again. Leases normally end with the month and the year, even the ones supported by the State housing for poor folks.

Well, I have some Credit Unioning to do tomorrow, depositing rolled coins checking account balances. This is the end of the year and it has been a good one, not great but better than I need, but employment is a higher priority than wildly spending the future. Since Blogger keeps telling me I am logged on from somewhere else, the Chinese or former communist computer hackers might have my stuff. Oh, my!


  1. Stay safe Earl, and shoot em good!

  2. John wants to know what was in the boxes that K.C. was holding. Since I do not get on the internet every day, I did not see the picture he saw, but I pass the question on to you. (By the way, the phrase is "shoot 'em well".)

  3. The phrase is
    'shoot them good' meaning to make them a 'good' bad guy.
    'shoot them well' meaning make my shots count or improving their health doesn't work as well.
    Prizes were in the boxes, I don't have any idea what they were.

  4. The sound you hear is our Grandmother Smith spinning in her grave over your grammar. ;-)

  5. What? I was taught to "shoot them Well & Good"....