Thursday, December 19, 2013

Now that is rude... or is it?

At the post office, I see a woman (black curly hair, tight blue jeans, fashion boots) in black nylon vest and pistol and hand cuffs on belt. The black vest has DOC in gold letters. I think, Department of Commerce? Department of Criminals, or criminality? Having forgotten working under the Department of Corrections for ten years of my twelve with the State Library. I don't care that she is armed and has a magazine in the pistol, nor that the snap is loose. I don't even notice which fine firearm she has, nor do I notice what brand jeans she is inside of.. not important. I don't rate the vest as bullet proof, looks more like something to hang stuff on... I am in the post office for mail service.  She leaves and several people move up and to the counters, the staff stays pleasant and professional and everyone is nice today.

I get outside with change in my hands, and stuff and am approached by a white male, 25 to thirty, 205 pounds with glasses on. Eyes are focused speech clear and he says he and his buddy are hungry can I help them out. I open the back of my Caravan with the shooting mats, targets, tools and water and say I don't have any food. But I ask if he wants water, he says any help at all. So I give him my two dollars and two bottles of water. Close the back and wish him well. I see his buddy when he gives him a bottle of water, same look and age and about twenty more pounds. As I drive away he looks sadly at me, and I catch his eyes and smile and wave, he returns the wave. I am normally hard on beggars, but I haven't been employed in over three years, there are still people looking for work, and why those two are there now - is their story, My story is that I could help a little. Having been where I would eat pecans from the ground and smoke long cigarette butts thrown on the ground, I don't expect everyone asking is trying to con me, and I didn't call the police or shoot them. I gave what was easy, I should put some sardine cans in the back, too.

My day goes on, I watch television, dress for church and attend, have a great time talking  to the men, listening to the preacher and more talking with the men. Then I get my wife and we go home. Watch a bit of a DVD, check on Facebook, then I post "Back from church, I can take my gun off and have a glass of wine. Have a good nights sleep, for tomorrow has so much promise." or words to that effect. My reader immediately thinks that I took the gun to church, that it is my hobby (how else could anyone explain having a gun on?) and it would be rude to take it to church. My only response: "If I had a gun on at church, it isn't a hobby." I don't think most people have any idea how many guns are being carried around them, all the time.

Their entire basis for knowing is based on movies and television. When I see a policeman yell 'gun' inside a police station, I will know I am on the set of a movie. I go to the courthouse and go in the one entrance where you can lock up your firearm, duh, see how simple that was? They don't ask if it is legal, they don't ask if I am qualified, they don't ask if it is loaded. They just want me to lock it up while they protect me and everyone else in the building. When I leave I can put it back on and carry on. If you are going to base your understanding of guns and Bibles on entertainment, the bad guys always hollow out the Bible and keep a gun in there. I saw it on a movie or two, so it must be true.

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