Sunday, December 1, 2013

Flipping the calendar page... to see what tomorrow has done...

Looking for a Revolutionary War themed calendar, with pictures of the good ol' days when one could stand up to tyranny, and the King, which didn't have to be the same.

I am now in December, the tenth month of the Roman year - and our last month of 2013, never have been comfortable with that number, for no reason beyond it seemed so far away once and like looking in the mirror wondering whom I am seeing, 2013 was not up to expectations and all because I wasn't at my best. That makes me think, was I ever? Yeah, periodically I was close to awesome, but I don't remember those times that well - nothing to grip onto, the time just slid by me I was so happy, busy, engaged and in the zone.

The Men's Bible study was interesting, lots of opinions and some planning for 2014, the Pastor (being a younger family man) listened a lot. His son listened and I have always wondered what young people think about the strange ideas and stories of the old guys. I sometimes ask, but mostly I wonder where they are dreaming what they are reaching to find, their opinion of the old doesn't change the nature of the old. What are we going to do when it all falls apart was a big part of the conversation. Seems like I am supposed to provide the guns, not that anyone at that table wants to use them - but they have been influenced by the entertainment industry. Will Smith against the world's dark and uglies.

Some of us know way too well how empty evil is, and are working seriously to avoid it. Funny, that the prepper in the group doesn't fit the stereotype at all. He really has done his homework and continues to reach out to the helpless and needy, which makes me believe that he has no selfishness harming his potential for the dark ages ahead. All of them are good men to have around and count upon, not perfect but sound. They won't be making a film, writing a book, nor noticing them as the media marches on - missing most of America, the quiet Americans, just doing the best they can some days and better than expected many days.

Not exciting enough, not worthy of note, and no advantage in politics of fear and fraud. Ever wonder why the reason everyone has to worry about the homeless, the children and the poor? Because the rich, powerful and the idle idols don't want anyone to see what they have done and attack them. I am of the opinion that poverty begins in the spirit, and failure is in giving up. The counting of wealth in dollars in a false value - not a true measure of worth. Real value and worth of a human is... only temporary and slips by the accountant while they text their textress or is it testrix?

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  1. Well said Earl, and the real 'value' is in the human spirit, not $$ we accumulate!