Friday, October 18, 2013

There must be some dangerous bloggers out there...

I started blogging because I made my life into a weekly letter for my mother, and she could get it immediately through email, and then I could also send it to all my siblings (who don't really always want to know what that fool older brother was doing) so I did blind copy for them. That filled their inboxes up quickly, remember the old days of taking forever to download, upload and do you even want to open the mail, look at the size of it? Yeah, I know that was long ago and in a land far away. Some young lady seeing one of those monster emails, mentioned to me that I should blog. So I did. And there have been a couple of variations, and still there is a continuous electronic trail through time - they could attempt to determine if there was any original thought anywhere, or how long I have held to those heretical beliefs. Waste of time.

Not the writing, that has been just what I needed, for my mother and for me. I wrote on Facebook yesterday evening as I closed the computer for the night "You know you still love them when a picture from the past, your past, still warms you and reminds you of how much you miss them. A great love never dies, does it?" I had drifted off into pictures from my past, of people no longer here. 

Facebook is fine for little bites of us, a taste but for full measure, one has to write books worth of the library one seldom lends out to the public. I will only get impressed when they do it with poetry, like my mother did, or reasoned logic like my father, who didn't write as much as he read and listened -- a very wise course for a husband and father, grandfather.

The President fears the unregulated bloggers, they can and often do, say anything and no one will know the official story, which could be a spin doctor's best effort for distortion of reality (LIES).

Well, no one reads too much into my blog. I am all about me and my adventures, going clamming with wife and a couple of the church brothers this afternoon. I may tell you about it later. I have an Appleseed tomorrow in Yakima, still remember how many people on my cross country motorcycle trip asked me about Appleseed and the RWVA (since I hadn't answered all their questions in my blogging - fail).

Wanted to think about learning how to play piano enough for playing hymns for  the Men's Bible Study, my religious music major cousin offered to help, I had forgotten how many of my family have better talents than organized mayhem of the battlefield. I should done better myself. I have done some little artistic fooling around. A new lapel pin for church, seat belt spins the single pinned ones, a White Cockade to show during the Three Strikes presentation, for few outside of Scotland understand the Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Stewart White Rose, and no one wears a cockade - heavens, you would have to look the term up.

It could very well be, that the President wouldn't worry about the bloggers so much if they all wrote about how wonderful he is, but they instead all write about their own passions and problems and perfections -- and that means he is very small in their lives, which is exactly how a President should be - very small in American's lives, he is only middle management. Where has this idea come from that someone is to RULE his party, his government, his/her friends and peers? We really aren't subjects here, nor subject to authority. If God gives us choice, why shouldn't all the lesser creatures?


  1. I read the link to the White Cockade, and the scholarship displayed is wonderful. Having been in marching units, no one remarks on the songs sung, the cadence called, but I know even the legions of Rome had them, moving a mass of men calls for music.

  2. Well said Sir. It is the 'fact' that we have freedom of speech that has them concerned. They really don't give a rats ass about us as people, as long as 'they' control the message...