Thursday, August 22, 2013

What do you do when your wife slides a newspaper comment on your desk?

From when you looked good, had a job you liked, felt needed and important? Doesn't happen to you, well, you wouldn't want everything I get blest with... The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA) page 81, dated July 27, 2008. Hmm, maybe I should go hunting this year.

Looking at old Library Keeper blogs, this was great: ABC of me, thanks to Breda,

I know there isn't anything of interest in me worth writing but since my choice was about the Lotto tickets or filling in my blanks for the world, the small part visiting I thought I would follow Breda, fine pistoleeress that she is (why yes I made that word up, but so have hundreds of others before me-it is a perfect noun for Breda, even if she is several hundred rounds behind me in shooting - I do have years on her). Anyway, although Breda gave me the idea, the Armed Canadian convinced me to spend the time.

Airborne, Army, Awful -- oh, accent, you didn't notice but I will drop a y'all on ya, along with yens and youse guys. But that is just playing, I speak like the television news fellows and color my speech with emotion when riled, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania then North Carolina.....

Breakfast, yes, daily, old fashioned oatmeal nuked in microwave, raisins, crushed walnuts and almonds, 2% milk, mixed with medications and black coffee. Wife spoils me on weekends with eggs and such.

Chore I don't care for - wasn't that why it is called a chore? Trapping moles comes to mind, I don't take any pleasure in it, and have to be really pushed to go out and set the traps. But have done it before and will do it again, but would rather reach a negotiated settlement (but have more faith in winning the Lotto).

Dog or cat - have had both in our home over many years, we gave up - since my wife and I have two very different ideas of the place of animals in our world, and different methods of training the poor humans taking care of the animals - we gave up after giving up my son's dog. Too much heart break. I would love to have a harrier to jog with and my wife wants a toy something to smother with maternal love.

Essential electronics, my computer - did I mention I have three, two set up and one backup and I don't want to live inside them, but seem to sometimes too often?

Favorite Calogne? Whatever she is wearing that I only notice when I get nearer her neck - oh, for me? Old Spice after shave - no one ever gets that close to my neck that they would care and I don't wear it often. That bottle has been in this house about eleven years now.

Gold or Silver - I like both, have rings in various amounts, but really cold steel stirs me much more than gold or silver. Although I do think the real American Silver Dollar was a great coin to have in one's pocket.

Handbag? I wear a backpack for local motorcycling, or a messenger bag on my bicycle, but handbag, that is too metrosexual and young for a throwback like me - handbag? I am old but I am not dead.

Insomnia; I have been known to sleep through rocket attacks, my wife likes to stay up late and I like to get up early - but we both have different reasons for staying awake - and always a problem that we just haven't the best solution for --- yet.

Job title - officially: Library Associate, or hidden: Library/Archival Paraprofessional level 5 or personal one: The Library Keeper.

Kids: Had one lost one, had another and he grew up. The best reason for Earl and KC was the kid. Wish we could have been better bumblers, but still feel blest.

Living arrangements? Home in suburbia, married long time. If it needs adjusting my wife will let me know - loudly or with deafening silence (guess which is worse?).

Most Admirable Trait - I don't think I have one, or any that stand out - I think my two friends might have an answer to that but I don't want to get too proud of any of me - I do know the dark side.

Naughtiest Childhood behavior - escaping, broke out of my playpen by breaking the slats, jumped out of a second story window when I was four or five, ran away from home to join Castro in Cuba against Batista (the mountains slowed my progress to a halt and a retreat - it was only a three speed English racer and the night was dark), breaking into my home when my father locked me out as a teenager (was so proud of my son when he did the same when his mother locked him out).

Overnight Hospital Stays - only one, my first major motorcycle accident put me and my concussion in the hospital for recovery and observation. Lovely motorcycle and fool boy meet steel guard post - post wins!

Phobias - isn't that something you fear foolishly? Only long legged redheads that think I am something.... everything else I fear righteously. You can get killed out there.

Quotes - "You could be wrong, you've been wrong before."

Reason to smile - pure joy in the wonder of others and love and laughter.

Siblings - Sister, brother, sister and they are all doing well differently and the best they can beautifully.

Time I wake up - from 4:20 am early work day to seven am if I don't need to work for pay that day.

Unusual talent or skill - none, I am normal but broken in well.

Vegetable I refuse to eat - I am an omnivore - it is all food if it doesn't bite first, that makes me happy, I once didn't like lima beans and wax beans but then met C-rations and learned how bad they truly could be.

Worst habit - tapping on something or clicking a pen - I never notice. No matter what Breda says, Procrastination is an art, not a habit and I will perfect it one day when I get around to it.

Yummy stuff, watching a perfect Combined Arms attack or defense destroy a worthy enemy in combat. You either do know what I meant or you haven't ever been there, and both are fine.

Zoo animals I like most, human beings wandering the zoo, all the other animals should be free where I could enjoy missing them by my clumping along gracelessly. But we do visit zoos, sometimes, and watch the polar bears wear their fur off in frustration. Which might be why Animal Planet is so much more fun than the zoo.

See, it was interesting for me, but a bit boring for y'all. Bye!


  1. Great stuff, thanks for sharing it.

  2. All think we all have similar thoughts and probably very similar things we've done... And yeah, 'we' should be in the zoo and the animals free!