Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Face book alert signal calls..

As I slowly waken, I hear it again, and then again... life would be easier if I would turn it off, wouldn't it? And I would save electricity... remember how once we really turned off the un-needed lights and such? I am not getting up to race to the machine to see who made what comment on a post from the Far East where the Sun came up three hours ago... let alone New Zealand and from tomorrow....

I was thinking about how once we popped our own popcorn, made our own sandwiches, actually kneaded our bread dough, made our own doughnuts.... stuff we once did as part of our day, week and a life lived. Now? just buy it, it is easier. But all that time saved means time not spent with your children making their favorite food for sharing at Sunday school or public school.... oh, you don't do parties at school anymore? More life not lived, so sad.

Very proud of myself, I am down to one connected computer, connected to the internet anyway. And since breakfast is done the house is open and I have packed to go to the YMCA, the place where broken people gather to find something. Pickleball anyone? I say they are broken, but they aren't really, just I notice the limping, the vacant faces, the old folks sitting in the chair waiting for someone to say hello. The weight room is always pretty full, the mirrors on the walls double the number of participants watching their own image, unless they are spotting or coaching. Each person is complete - and unique - they bring the body they have and any aspirations and start moving, those with fewer aspirations move much less.

We even have television monitors to make sure you don't have to miss your favorite show... well, of the main news, Home and ESPN sports. Nice to watch Little League baseball, one doesn't even care who is President nor which party is being a fool in Washington, DC today.

Idle thoughts while making my way across the virtual pond, or lake or slow moving river - rowing, if I were a team player - but not, still I keep moving on and think of fat - it just sits there waiting for when one needs it, the starvation time, the time between meals, the time you burn energy from fear or freedom, burning energy to keep you at operating temperature, to provide the energy for brain function - although, it is so effortless to have brain function - not many really develop it, do they? More games, please, lots more games.

Well, time to turn this off. Take care of the virtual world and real one out there.... don't adjust your set.

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  1. Actually, parties have not gone from school. We just eat either in the dining hall or in the courtyard when we party, but the students (and teachers) do have parties at school. Some things really don't go away.