Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I know what you are thinking.... don't I?

As I am listening to the Blues, postponing my breakfast, getting the rifle out for dry fire... yes, dry fire -the only ammunition I can afford on fixed income (I need a job). Anyway, I had a thought that I should share...

since I fling my wisdom around constantly.

You cannot affect the shot you have finished. It is over and done with. If you called it, and checked and it was where you called it - then it counts. Maybe not as well as you wanted, but you will figure out why it is where it landed and adjust, or go off and study a bit more - then practice making your shots even better. The next shot is the one that you have all the control over... except for freak storms, hurricane force winds, dust, plague of locust, sweat in your eye, sudden shot next to you, hot brass under your collar, mechanical malfunction or ammunition failure (since your handloading wasn't up to professional standards). You will settle into a proper position, check your natural point of aim (where the body and the rifle will hit the target, not where your mind says they should). Found it! Sight alignment, sight picture, respiratory pause - focus on the front sight, focus the mind on keeping the front sight on target, squeeze - SHOT BREAKS! - follow through, call that shot slowly release the held back trigger to the reset point.... then get on to the next shot.

All that is left over from my last Appleseed as I get prepared for my next Appleseed.

In life we learn to work with over and around other beings, with the intent of achieving our own goals. Aggression is defensive and offensive to the point of bullying amusement, but good manners, humble and submissive postures are all learned with the same objective - getting what one wishes and wants out of life.

My mother always said she 'knew what you are thinking' when confronting me over something she wanted to change... but I figured out that my mother was writing the story of her life constantly, and in the chapter she was writing about whatever was happening to us - she did know what we were thinking, she had written it and was reading and acting it out. So of course she 'knew'. There were many confrontations and temper flares - she didn't always know what I knew (she had never been a boy trying to make it to manhood) and then sometimes she knew exactly what I was thinking and trying to hide - that would really make me angry.

Frustration and anger are part of the defense system, brings the blood pressure up, hormone releases and preparation for fight or flee or freeze. But they don't help taking a shot, and allowing them to get in control of your life and quest for your goals doesn't make it easy...

Stop, think about what is important and start that shot over... you do want to be loved, respected and in control of your own life and choices. The only thing you can really affect is yourself - you have no control over weather, the type of day others have had before you showed up, how they heard your words, how they feel about your attitude, dude. Leading with a very light rein seems to work well with some animals... I do know that being clean, shaven with one's teeth in and smiling gently will be better than fool grinning and laughing out loud before you have established contact with the other and know how they are doing. And if you were Earl with an almost constant firm face (read frowning viciously) you might make others think you are angry, which drives the herd mad quickly.

If you want love and attention, you will have to give love - giving someone a fat lip will only encourage them to block better next time and learn how to counter or get a bigger brother. I know, it is difficult to love many of your fellow creatures - especially the human ones, but doing so makes it easier to love yourself - less to be ashamed of in your past, less guilt. Remember the objective of the relationship, and turn away from anger - that seems to be a reptilian brain function, not one of the human nor divine spirit.


  1. Good job of equating preparing for a shot with preparing to open our mouths.