Monday, July 29, 2013

So the whole thing is going to come apart, because?

Because we weren't watching the folks in government? Elected and appointed stupid people with really good intentions and terrible ideas? Because we can be manipulated by fears fed frequently by fools in media? All of the above?

Everything in your life begins with you --- and YOU have to make it better. Not your parents, friends, children, co-workers, boss, nor underlings.... YOU!

You will die... certain freedom in that knowledge. You won't die right now... so you have time to make your world and all you love better. Not much time in the cosmic scale of things, stars are going out as fast as dinosaurs. Still, if you are reading this you have today to make better.

Take a moment, reflect and pray, make a plan and execute one good thing to happen in your life. Repeat until it is all done. This is where mental multitasking helps the spiritual and physical. Have a really great day!

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  1. Excellent point Earl, doing 'something' right is always a positive!