Friday, June 7, 2013

You do understand the danger, don't you?

I could be talking about the Federal Reserve Banking or the Pentagon or the stupidity of Governors of states that are fools in charge -- lots of dangers but they are now coming to a point.

I was left alone yesterday and started watching television between bouts of well written war stories. Sure enough I was traumatized. The telephone rang, but I couldn't answer it.

Seems that the National Security Agency has been conspiring with Verizon to publish my telephone to my enemies. So the twenty times my wife claims to have called the house that I never answered - it was because I was paralyzed by my fears of  being found in contact with her.

I have thought about disconnecting, just cancelling the telephone service entirely. Since the cable company, Comcast, has a telephone and computer connection I could use that - or I could get a dish.... but then upon more paranoid reflection, I now know that they are giving up information, too. They are everywhere, EVERYWHERE!

Only that service, but my free Google and Facebook, seem to have been designed to mine my mind - to know what I am thinking, want to buy, indulge in, or vote for. The Cable companies know what the television is tuned to, they use the information to sell ad space. Control freaks everywhere. So harmless, aren't they?

But if it were only one political party, or two, or one business I wanted to work with, for or against - that is something even very old folks could handle. But it isn't the President, any of the last sixteen or so, but the larger groups of employees of the various levels of government, the unions, the law enforcement forces without work, those depending on government goodness delivered monthly.

You ask how I know there is a problem? The Internal Revenue Service has become the cancer on the Constitution, but the spin offs new caneers in the FBI, FEMA, and the Agriculture Department. It just doesn't pay to play, it isn't the Congresspeople, the Executive Branch - it is the low level wild clerk in the catalog system of the Congressional Library that is conspiring to make you all better, for your own good.

Ron Paul tried to warn you, so did Benjamin Franklin, add Earl - I won't say I told you so, since this communication has been monitored. Pascali's Island is a fine story about what happens to empires that have so much information that 'no one reads it any longer'.

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  1. Earl you hit the nail on the head. It's all about fear mongering to 'allow' more and more 'security'...