Saturday, June 15, 2013

We know they are monitoring everything...

Yes we do know. Subject of books for years, a government that will control us, watch us, pick us off one by one. New books come out where the person disappears - goes off the grid. And the government fears that. 

Verizon fears losing all its customers, but most of you think you must have a telephone, many think it should be in your pocket, with email, GPS and instant gratification.

So, as I watch the business news, I remember that much of the turmoil on Wall Street, or any market is information, and knowing  before the market moves, and the computers are faster and faster - the movement of money is so quick. So does SEC monitor the phones? the waves? Do you understand why messengers are used to keep secrets? Yeah, same system that George Washington used - send the mail and have trusted agents to do your work.

Well, so off the grid, no GPS broadcasting thingy in my pocket, on my wrist, under my skin and the Sunshine calls me to the road this morning.  One day it will be illegal to drop off the monitoring not that anyone beside computers will be looking at the trillion of bits and bytes. Yes, it will.

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