Saturday, June 22, 2013

So I am off to the English Ministry picnic at North Fort of JBLM...

Although my mind is on I-90 to Rochester, Minnesota - all 1782 miles worth, with a couple of detours for visiting and viewing (I was thinking scenic highway in the Badlands of South Dakota). The Google Map program tells me I should make it in 26 hours at about seventy miles per hour. With fuel and rest stops and say hellos it should take more - but not as long as a trail drive or slow ox cart nor the buffalo migration.

I am traveling light, only leathers, rain gear and snacks. Regular food stops will only be at Subway - can't wait to get to Sheridan and see if the Visitor Center will still allow me to find Facebook and my email. No I am not taking any electronics of my own - that rainstorm wiped out too much that last trip. Just my little camera in a zip lock bag.

So if you are somewhere on my route, and you want to say hello, just get on your motorcycle and catch me, if you can. Or, say something before I leave the church on Sunday. I had better cut the lawn before dark tonight. Take care and God bless all your best.


  1. Travel Safe, and enjoy the open road and family Earl!

  2. Safe trip! Too bad you aren't coming to NY this time.