Thursday, June 27, 2013

So how tough was that ride?

I see that NFO mentioned the death of blogging - or that some bloggers aren't anymore.

I have my excuse, it is so fascinating to read Facebook.  But then I don't text either so am not typical.

I am in Albert Lea, Minnesota. That is Freeborn County, which I have always held to be a great name for a County and a people. This is where I come from, my mother used the hospital here and brought me into the world.

I do have to find some coffee, the unit in the room doesn't make it - how I figure out that I have outlived my usefulness, the machines are all smarter than I.

Rained upon me gently in the Cascades, dressed for it in Montana, took the rainsuit off and put back on in Montana (Montana is just like Texas - it is forever and you are still in Montana). Large chunks of the trip have been places so beautiful that one wishes they weren't traveling at seventy-five trying to stay upright on two wheels. But get your eyes back on the road, Earl. I like South Dakota's I-90 better than Minnesota's. Seems that the road buckles up and gives you a bump to bounce you and make you wake in Minnesota - probably a design feature. There don't seem to be as many windmills as I remember passing before here - but then that was in the dark and I was counting red blinking lights....

My trip has been really improved by my taking a little time to talk to strangers on the move, too. What we talked about gives me more hope for their future and not having network news to monitor my errant thoughts while on the Trusty Triumph has likely cleared tons of garbage from my mind. I had only two hymns to repeat over and over as I rode, I should have many more and likely do when someone else gets the music started.

Well, go get some coffee. Y'all play well while I am gone.

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