Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Perceptions abound... all around...

My wife doesn't want me to be a Muslim man, she wanted me to wear shorts at the YMCA yesterday. Color me shocked and shy.  Personally I don't care if I don't wear any clothes for myself unless it is cold or wet. But I can walk around naked all day - what my mother instilled in me was not to affront anyone else - so if I cover myself it isn't because I am sure I have something to hide but that you really aren't interested. Just an old wrinkled fat man, balding and not beautiful. God sees right through fig leaves and into one's soul.

So I did, I wore shorts all day at the YMCA and will again today, it doesn't matter to Earl, I will sweat and clean up after I am finished with the machines. I was in my normal running shorts on my jogs this week, trying to find that run stride. I seem stuck in jog, maybe I should try skipping a bit, and some silly prancin'?

ONCE UPON a time, a younger Earl was a jogger and road runner, and thought that 3 miles just wasn't enough and certainly not cool. So since my trot around the block is 3.1 miles I am not happy, if it were only a 5k. It always sounds farther in metric, doesn't it?

Rifleslinger has issues - isn't that the way the women would say it? He shoots well, except he wants to shoot better than that... and awesome is where I would rate him. Roberta doesn't see the same person I do in this picture, but her expectations color her view. Her description of riding that machine did no justice to the cool. And the PC leadership making politicians happy are working on making women be all the can be in the services. I remember wanting to be a Ranger, wear the tab and such. But I never wanted them to change the standards so I could play. Watch Blackhawk Down again, and tell me where you wanted to put those women in that battle. Where did you want them? The military is supposed to defend the country and win the wars. Everything else isn't worth paying for, you could put women in the IRS and they can go farther, and the TSA is in need, so there are positions to be filled, just not in the combat arms - Ripley was a creation of the movies. Alien and Ripley have about the same reality in my reason.

Other women told my wife she had a handsome husband, but they need glasses may no longer be married and always could have no standards -- for sure, I am not interested in other's perceptions. They might think America has a reason to worry over Syria. Isn't Afghanistan enough?

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  1. We get old, we deal with it... Some differently than others, and ANY mileage is good as we age! Shorts or no shorts!!! :-)