Thursday, February 21, 2013

So, I have done enough for the day...

Visited the YMCA, but was lazy so I won't brag about my renewed body - it is still out of warranty and needs more adjustment.

On my way out to the Caravan, a younger (much) man called to me and asked if I had jumper cables, seems he had left his lights on while he was inside. In Washington we drive in rain with the lights on, and it is always raining. 

Anyway, I said I was pretty sure I had some, went to the back, got them out and moved my car beside his, popped and propt our hoods and red to positive, black to negative or ground. It took a little bit to get his battery up and turn over his starter, but it happened. 

He thanked me as I unhooked him, then he tried to give me a twenty, but I laughed and told him to buy some jumper cables. There is a reason old guys carry such things, we don't always have a twenty.

Wondering how the world is going to act since the President says we can't make it on his plan, the Congress says we can't make it by cutting budget, which I never have seen them produce.  But since I am still waiting for more stupidity about control of Gun Violence by restricting Assault Rifles - both of which are made up and not going to happen anyway... I have stopped looking to media and politicians for real solutions. They can't tell me how to make a shot, they certainly don't have any idea on how to protect me from thugs that they create in Chicago with their perfect systems of criminal justice.

As I was telling my wife, the money is fake, the repayment on the debts is all fake, the system won't stand up to real inspection -- it will all come down. She grew up in a country that changed money, governments and stuff. She believes in gold, rice fields (own some) and hard work with family and friends. Have some jumper cables, water, tools.... times are going to get tougher, cooperate.

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  1. I always have jumper cables too. I bought the heaviest set I could find and keep them in the floor compartment in the car....except that the men are always liberating them to start tractors and trucks.